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DHT/Andractim Information
I made a large post about DHT in January but over time I realized it wasn’t as concise and informative as I wanted it to be. As it stands right now, I currently have the largest resource of information for trans men about DHT. I’ve put over a year of work into compiling this information and ask that people respect that and not pass this off as their own.

I can answer any and all questions you have about it.

What is DHT, how does it affect genital growth (among other things)?

DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone (di-hydro-testosterone), which is a metabolite of testosterone. A small amount of our normal testosterone is converted into DHT inside of our bodies. On a large scale this plays a very important role in facial hair growth, body hair growth, voice changes, s.e.x drive, growth of muscle tissue, and growth of genital tissue. It is 3-30 times more potent than regular testosterone and cannot be converted to estradiol, so it doesn’t raise estrogen levels. It will not aromatize at any dosage whatsoever - this is both good and can be very dangerous, which is discussed later on. When you’re on testosterone you experience genital growth because there are androgen receptors on your genitals that respond to the increase in testosterone and increase in DHT that is in your body. For some people, being on testosterone is enough to max out these androgen receptors and they experience all of their possible genital growth without needing help. For others, and it isn’t clear why this is, being on testosterone isn’t enough to max out the androgen receptors and so they don’t grow much or they have potential to grow more. It might be the case that not enough testosterone converted to DHT within their bodies. So in those cases, DHT gel can be used since it is a potent androgen that directly affects the growth of genital tissue. It’s not possible to know whether or not these receptors have maxed out for you, so you need to consider the fact that the product might not help your grow. It’s a lot of money to be putting down for something that isn’t a guarantee, but for some people it is entirely worth the risk and worth the side effects.
The DHT gel is absorbed into the body and will increase your overall testosterone levels, so you may experience side effects such as body hair growth. It is not localized, it affects the body systemically. Some doctors argue that the increase in testosterone levels is what causes the genital growth, not just DHT specifically, but that would mean that everyone who has high testosterone levels would have large amounts of genital growth, which is not the case. DHT also is the main component in hair loss on the head and almost everyone experiences this, so you have to go into this understanding that your hairline will likely recede at least a small bit. To offset things like hair loss you can cycle the product, so you’d use it for 2 weeks then stop for a week, then repeat that. I experienced hair loss and this helped. You can also look at DHT blocking shampoos that work non-systemically.

When should a person use DHT?

You should not use DHT until you are at least 2 years on testosterone. The central point you should take away from this information is that it should be seen as a last resort to further genital growth. Most often it is used in the 3 months leading up to metoidioplasty, as a final push to increase growth and optimize results. DHT gel should be used after 2 years on T have passed to allow testosterone alone, and the DHT some of it gets converted to, to stimulate the receptors in your genitals and cause as much growth as possible. If in two years you were to grow 2 inches on testosterone, then what would be the point of spending $200 on DHT gel alone (not counting the money spent on doctor visits to get the prescription, to do more bloodwork, etc) to achieve the same amount of growth sooner? It doesn’t make sense financially and just puts the body through unnecessary stress which can impact your health. It’s also dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t get your bloodwork monitored regularly while using it. If by 2 years on T a person still feels unsatisfied, then they could look into DHT, which would be used to hopefully fill the receptors that may not have been stimulated enough by testosterone/the small amount of t converted to DHT by the body. There’s no guarantees it’ll work, since some people are just small and meant to be small.

I’m not on testosterone, can I still use it?

It is highly recommended that you do not use DHT if you are not already on testosterone. Because it can’t be aromatized and converted to estrogen within the body, your testosterone levels will raise and throw off your hormonal balance. The human body is inclined to gravitate toward balance by use of a function called homeostasis. Homeostasis keeps the body in an average range in terms of temperature, hormones, mass and many other factors. This is why aromatase exists. The body reads this as an imbalance which would typically prompt the aromatization process. Since this can’t happen here your body can instead compensate by increasing your estrogen levels - A large amount of testosterone is entering the body, much more than what is naturally produced, so a relatively large amount of estrogen will be created from the conversion. This can lead to an increase in breast tissue (even after top surgery as about 10% of the tissue is left), can cause lactation, blood sugar disorders, acne, and much more. An excess (or deficiency) of any hormone is not good at all.

How do I obtain Andractim?
Right now the only way to get DHT gel is through a company called All Saints Clinic which is located in Cyprus, a small island country located south of Turkey, west of Syria. You don’t need a prescription to buy Andractim from All Saints, but it’s illegal to import it within several countries without a prescription (such as the US and UK) as it is a Schedule III Controlled Substance. My package was opened and inspected and without my prescription in there it could’ve been seized by customs and I could’ve been given a hefty fine for trying to illegally import it into the US. You can take your chances and order Andractim with the hope that it won’t be seized in customs (or worse) or you can play it safe (and legal) by obtaining a prescription from a doctor. My doctor worked with me on this and wrote a prescription for the product which I then scanned and emailed to the clinic where they enclosed it within my package. The staff at All Saints was very quick in their responses to me and were very friendly.

In my last post someone tried to correct me by saying that even with a prescription it is still illegal to import Andractim. However the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act specifically states in Section 952 - Importations of Controlled Substances, subsection (b):

“It shall be unlawful to import into the customs territory of the United States from any place outside thereof (but within the United States), or to import into the United States from any place outside thereof, any nonnarcotic controlled substance in schedule III, IV, or V, unless such nonnarcotic controlled substance

- (1) is imported for medical, scientific, or other legitimate uses”

To explain importation laws around anabolic substances, if the quantity is below what is referred to as a “Tier 1” quantity, then the most common charge is importing a prohibited substance, s.233 of the Customs Act 1901 (Cth). The maximum penalty is a fine of $110,000. There is no period of imprisonment attached to this offense. Any anabolic or androgenic substances in excess of the critical quantity of 20 grams are a Tier 1 good. It is important to note that 20 grams relates to the pure quantity of the substance, so for example, if a total weight of pills is 100 grams, however the purity is only 1%, the total critical quantity is well below the Tier 1 threshold. When you order Andractim you get two 80 gram tubes of it at a concentration of 2.5%. 2.5% of 160 is 4, so Andractim is below the tier 1 threshold. Therefore the penalty I mentioned above would be what you could be looking at - up to a $110,000 fine.
When ordering from the clinic you’ll fill out a small registration form with your medical history, why you want the product (I just said ‘ftm genital virilization’), and what product you want. You also list yourself as female since you’d otherwise have to pay an extra £30 for a prostate testing kit. The total for the product is £122.00, which at the current exchange rate is $154.81. It takes 14-21 days to arrive. My credit card was charged after 8 days and it arrived in 19, on August 1st. It comes in a plain padded envelope that I noted had been opened and inspected at customs (there was a sticker saying this). You get two tubes of the product, your receipt, and instructions on how to use it (which isn’t relevant to how we use it, so just ignore that). There is a link at the bottom of this information that shows what the package looked like when it arrived.

What is it like and does it work?
The product name is Andractim and it is an alcohol-based gel with a concentration of 2.5%. Because it is alcohol based gel it can cause a burning sensation when applied. I knew that and prepared for it, but I still considered not using it anymore after applying it the first time. This pain lessens as you use it and I found it helpful to distract myself until I could  handle it. I applied it 4 times a day, applying about 0.4 grams (about the size of a fingernail) each time. This meant I’d apply about 1.6 grams daily, which would make the Andractim last all 3 months. Only apply it to your dick because people have reported it making their (medically necessary language) inner labia thicker. You should use the product  for a total of 3 months to gain the maximum amount of results. Some people cycle it 2 weeks on, 1 week off, until they have been on it for 3 months. This is to lessen unwanted effects such as hair loss and people have found this to be effective. I used it for 1.5 months consistently before I moved and my schedule got all screwed up, but in that time I grew an inch. 

This 3 month time period is there for a reason. By 3 months on DHT you’ve achieved the maximum potential for growth and will most likely not grow any further. You are not intended to be on this product long-term. Some guys have tried to do a second round of DHT out of curiosity and none of them have achieved any further growth from it.

My testosterone levels were around 380 (the okay range being 300-1000) before starting the product and after 1.5 months my levels were around 756, so if you’re going to use the product PLEASE have your hormone levels checked and make sure you’re being safe about this. I felt safe using it because my levels had always been so low and I had an understanding and knowledgeable doctor.

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